We strive to provide professional instruction in a safe, exciting, fun and real-world relevant atmosphere.   For novice or beginner shooters we teach firearms safety and the fundamentals of shooting.   Adults and youngsters alike are eligible for this training, which is available in learning how to shoot handguns, shotguns and rifles. Beyond the basics we provide training in the safe and competent use of personal defense firearms and the developing knowledge, skills and abilities to better provide for personal defense with a firearm.  Students must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this training, and provide their own firearm. Our focus is on firearms safety, the fundamentals of marksmanship, and the lawful use of firearms in lawful defense of oneself.


Group or Individual/Private instruction is available. Groups are kept small in size, depending on the training desired, to facilitate a more personal, professional learning experience.
The majority our training is offered to the general / civilian public, non-professionals who do not routinely rely on their firearm as part of their job.
Custom / Personalized Courses of our own design are available to the general public and are our most popular offerings. These courses draw upon our years of real-life experience and training, and offer realistic, true-to-life content and exercises. If you are seeking to increase your ability and skills with your firearm, and/or to prepare and perhaps defend yourself, or a loved one, this training is what you are looking for!

Our public offerings courses include:

Defensive Handgun 1
Defensive Handgun 2
Defensive Shotgun
Defensive Rifle/Carbine
In-Home Defensive Firearms Techniques
Also available are:
Basic/Introduction to Firearms
(also available for children)
Basic Concealed Carry
Advanced Concealed Carry
Long Range / Precision Rifle
Dim / No Light Shooting
Customized courses to meet your needs can be made available – just let us know what you are looking for!

Our training courses offered to the general / civilian public include a number of NRA BASIC COURSES.
These courses adhere strictly to NRA guidelines and curriculum and include the following:
Basic Pistol
Home Firearm Safety
Personal Protection in the Home
Basic Rifle – Basic Shotgun
NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Seminars also available for your group.
(3 month advanced notice required)

Please also see courses: page it gives a breakdown of classes and equipment needed.


These are ADVANCED courses,
and should only be attempted by those with a very solid foundation in handgun basics and a strong familiarity with their handgun.
SAFETY and the ability to adhere to and comply with all recognized firearms safety rules are paramount for this course. Safety violations are not tolerated and are cause for immediate dismissal from the course. These courses emphasize safe and professional gun handling while providing a great deal of training material in a short time.
Proof of acceptable basic training with a firearm and basic knowledge of handgun operation and the firearms safety rules is required prior to being permitted to engage in this course.
Each Defensive Handgun Course is scheduled for one day, 0830-1630 hours (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM).
Defensive Handgun 1
Defensive Handgun 2
(require and/or recommend the following:)

• Defensive/combat style handgun – 9mm / .38 SPL or larger caliber (pocket guns not permitted) with at least 3 magazines / speed loaders (Some makes of handguns may not withstand the amount and type of use necessary in this course. If you are not sure about your handgun, ask. Not all handguns are equal.)
• At least 500 rounds ammunition (may or may not shoot this amount, but better to have it…)
• Quality belt & holster (preferably one that your belt loops through) with a securing mechanism
• Eye & ear protection and a hat with a bill/brim
• Comfortable clothing (shorts, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs, jewelry, unsecured long hair, long fingernails, are strongly discouraged)
• Plenty of water / hydration; cooler/ice

*Absolutely NO red shirts, tops or hats; NO baggy pants/clothing, skirts or dresses; NO open toes shoes*

Folding chair or seat; light lunch or snacks; sunscreen; bug spray; sunglasses; towel/wipes; hand cleaner/sanitizer; “snap-caps” or dummy rounds for your gun; note taking materials; raincoat or rain gear; gun cleaning/maintenance kit