Concealed Carry License Training (CCLT)

The State of Florida requires only that applicants applying for a Concealed Weapon or Firearm License document they have training in how to safely handle a firearm.

One may obtain such a license with no additional training.  Some instructors provide this kind of “training” in as little as an hour; or less.  How nice…

Our CCLT course is designed for those who have had some basic and safety training but want more than the (very) minimum and ill-defined requirements of the state.  For beginners we strongly recommend more thorough initial training in firearm safety and shooting basics, such as we provide.

Our CCLT course provides an overview of firearm safety and shooting fundamentals, far in excess of the minimum state requirements.  The course then continues with a review of the license application and how to complete it.  A discussion of some of the Florida Statutes pertaining to carrying a firearm and using deadly force completes the course.

Remember that being issued a Concealed Carry License authorizes you only to carry (lawfully) a concealed weapon or firearm… it does not authorize you to use your firearm.    It is your responsibility to know the law(s) regarding use of force, especially if you carry a concealed weapon or firearm.

Our CCLT course about 4 ½ hours in duration.  Two locations are available for the shooting/gun handling portion of the, one indoors, one outdoors; there are different fees for each location.  Students may use their own firearm or we will provide firearms for use, as well as targets and the 10 rounds of ammunition needed to complete the course.