Simply put, the shotgun is awesome – especially for home defense.

This course provides the student with the opportunity to learn and practice a number of exercises and drills to build confidence and competence in basic and advanced operation and use of an awesome defensive tool.

This course is about 1 ½ days long; about 4 hours in the classroom and a full day

(8 hours) on the range.

Topics covered include:

  • Operation/Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Proper loading / unloading
  • Patterning / Grouping\
  • Malfunction / Stoppage Resolution
  • Reloading
  • Target Acquisition & Engagement
  • Multiple Targets
  • Verbal Challenges
  • Cover & Concealment
  • Shooting Positions

Each student must supply

A quality pump-action or semi-auto defensive (combat/tactical) shotgun is required for this course.  A 12 gauge is preferred but a 20 gauge will suffice.  Read the owner’s manual for the shotgun and be familiar with the operation and parts of your shotgun before the class.

  • The shotgun MUST have a sling. Some type of extra ammunition carrier/device, either gun or shooter mounted, is recommended.
  • 50 rounds of birdshot shotgun ammo, 200 rounds of buckshot ammo and 20 rounds of shotgun slug ammo for their shotgun.
  • Eye & ear protection and a hat with a bill/brim
  • Comfortable clothing (shorts, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs,
  • jewelry, unsecured long hair, long fingernails, are strongly discouraged)
  •  Plenty of water / hydration; cooler/ice
  • Dummy or “snap-cap” rounds for your gun

*Absolutely NO red shirts, tops or hats; NO baggy pants/clothing, skirts or dresses; NO open toes shoes*


Folding chair or seat; light lunch or snacks; sunscreen; bug spray; sunglasses; towel/wipes; hand cleaner/sanitizer; “snap-caps” or dummy rounds for your gun; note taking materials; raincoat or rain gear; gun cleaning/maintenance kit