In Our Opinion

A few words about handguns

Not all handguns are equal; not by a long shot.

Bursa, Hi-Point, Jennings, Jimenez, Lorcin, Raven, RG, and other similar low-cost handguns are in our experience, poorly designed and/or manufacturedThus they are not safe!  They are also generally: unreliable and unable to endure sustained use or the type of use required by military or law enforcement personnel, or the type of training and practice we provide and encourage. Such firearms generally have very poor triggers and/or safeties and other features, making the guns difficult to use, making shooting accurately and effectively very difficult, even impossible for many shooters. Low-cost guns such as these are NOT permitted in our training.

Too often we have seen students using such low-cost handguns struggle with the guns and endure unnecessary and preventable difficulties during the course. These situations often lead to the entire class having to be delayed while the student and/or the instructor(s) devote precious time and effort dealing with a poorly made, unreliable, unsafe, difficult to use and overly bothersome low-cost handgun.  Low-cost guns such as these are NOT permitted in our training.

It is certainly true that many cannot afford a quality handgun, and sometimes must rely on low-cost guns for personal protection.  A low-cost gun is likely better than no gun at all when a gun is needed to defend life and limb. However, to train and practice seriously a quality gun is required.     If you want the training we provide but do not have a suitable handgun, let us know.  We can usually provide (rent) a suitable handgun for the duration of the training. We suggest that if you value your life – the only life you have – and want to learn to use a handgun to help preserve that life, that you save as much as you can as quickly as you can and purchase a quality handgun.

A few words about handgun calibers

Not all handgun calibers are equal.   The smallest gun/caliber we will permit in our training is the .380 ACP.   We strongly recommend .38 Special / 9mm as a minimum caliber, but if you insist, you may complete our courses with a .380.

Smaller caliber guns, even from quality makes, while better than no firearm at all in a real defensive situation, simply are not hardy enough to withstand the amount and type of training in our courses.

.22, .25 and .32 calibers are attractive to many as they are easy to shoot, inexpensive, smaller than most other handguns, lightweight and, I have heard some people call them cute.  How nice.  Still such guns are not serious defensive calibers and will not withstand a day or our training.  These calibers are better suited for recreational shooting or plinking.

Calibers larger more powerful than .45 ACP are also generally not acceptable in defensive handgun, or for use in our type of training.  Larger, powerful calibers can be difficult to shoot for a number of reasons and are best used for hunting or other recreational shooting, not personal defense.



The use of reloaded ammunition is DISCOURAGED during our training. Use of reloaded ammunition can, and in our experience usually does result in similar mishaps and delays to those of using low-cost handguns, and more serious safety mishaps. Commercially manufactured ammunition, made by licensed, insured, regulated, professional companies, following strict, recognized, professional standards and using hi-tech, automated processes and equipment are in the strongest possible terms encouraged and recommended.

IF you use reloaded ammunition you are not only voiding the factory warranty for your gun, but you are increasing exponentially the chance of an ammunition mishap of some kind. The safety, reliability and overall performance of reloaded ammunition – “professionally” reloaded, “expertly” reloaded, “experienced” reloaded, “amateur” reloaded, or any other reloaded – is dependent entirely on the skill and ability, and sometimes the distractions and other negative factors present during the reloading process.

Full metal jacket ammunition is REQUIRED.  Lead bullets do not perform as well, make a dirty mess of your gun quickly and will adversely affect how your gun functions during this type of training.